Rabbit's Foot

by Jeanette Lynne

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Benjamin Smiley Jeanette Lynne's new album is wonderful, with great vocals, heartfelt compositions, and poignant words. My favorite song is "Small Things". The whimsical and wonderful sounds of the song "Small Things" brings tears to my eyes and sun to my heart. The smooth finger picking and touchingly somber sounds of guitar and Jeanette's voice make this song a masterpiece. This song weaves a tapestry that can be seen for miles, like the early morning sun. This album is pure beauty, full of heart and grace. Favorite track: Small Things.
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released July 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Jeanette Lynne Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Clean Up On Aisle Me
My shoelaces never stay tied
Words just fall out of my mouth, I don’t even mind
There’s only one thing to do, that’s call up the cleaning crew
Cuz I’m falling, tripping, stumbling into you

The newspapers say I’m old news
Cuz I’ve just been traveling, singing the blues
There’s only one thing to, call up the cleaning crew
Cuz I’m falling, tripping, stumbling into you

Ooh, ooh, I’m falling tripping, stumbling into you

Didn’t you see that cannonball, slipping right off the diving board, Oh no
Didn’t you see that porcelain, headed right for the ceiling fan, Oh no
Well there’s only one thing to do, call up the cleaning crew
Cuz I’m falling, tripping, stumbling into you

I’m falling, yeah
I’m falling, yeah,
I’m falling tripping stumbling into you

I’m falling tripping stumbling in
I’m falling tripping stumbling in
I’m falling tripping stumbling into you

Ooh, ooh,

I’m falling tripping stumbling into you
Track Name: 11:11
It could be 4am, It could be 10 o'clock and I’m out with my friends
You could be sick in bed, I'd be thinking of you
Everything gets better with time cuz I,
finally found someone with a similar heart to mine
Not out for blood, no I’m out for love, so Don’t be shy, don’t be shy

You can call me no matter time it is
cuz I’d be lying if I told you I wouldn’t miss
The way we laugh, the way we cried,
The way you're always on my mind
I am always gonna, wanna be
wherever you are
Wherever you are

It could be 7am, It could be 5:30 getting out late from work again
It could strike 11:11, I'd make a wish for you
Walking on the beach late at night,
Looking up at the stars putting on a show for you and I
You held me close; I didn't ever want to let you go
You were mine, you were mine


Something so beautiful slipped through my hands
What we had became a victim of circumstance
I’ll take away the pain, I didn’t mean to cause you any
Each and every day I'll try not to let you down
When you’re thinking of me, Just know that you can, know that you can

Track Name: Small Things
You'd always kiss me on the forehead,
when you held me close
You'd always call right before bed,
when your head hit the pillows
we're drinkin' coffee in the afternoon, getting ready for a late night
and then you'd hideaway in your room, where everything feels alright

and I wanna make you feel the way you feel
When you’re all alone
Like nothings gonna hurt you

Ooooo, Ooooo

You changed the way you do your hair
When you smile, you try to show off your teeth
You bought a new shirt, and some new jeans
And those new sneakers on your feet
I notice all of these small things
The smaller they are, the more interesting
Sometimes you try too hard, you spend too much time
if you’re trying’ to impress me

Ooooo, Ooooo
Track Name: Little Credit Card
Well I’ve got this little credit card
Cuz all my moneys spent and it breaks my heart
I got a bottle of jack and a new guitar
Ever since I got this little credit card

And I got this little credit card
I’m gonna hit the town, I’m gonna hit it hard
Me and all my friends gonna hit the bars
Every drinks on me, put it on my credit card

Collector man, he’s got my number, he won’t forget
The bills stacked high on the refrigerator, can’t pay them yet
I’ve got two shows left in Oklahoma, and one in Tennessee
And I’ve got this little credit card, for A to Z

I’ve been declined, a hundred times, rackin’ my brain for hours
When your luck runs out you can scream and shout,
But the rain brings out the flowers, The flowers

So I, got a new little credit card
With so much money to spend, don’t know where to start
I got a full tank of gas and a running start
Ever since I got this little credit card
Ever since I got this little credit card
Track Name: Everything's Better
I’ve got a day job, it’s a good backup plan
I’ve got some money saved, if things get outta hand
I’ve got a handle, on all the things that could go wrong
I’ve got this angle, that I’ll be working all night long

I’ve got a reason, for leaving like I do
I stopped believing in fate, and started following through
I’m making progress, out here on my own
But I’d do better, if I wasn’t all alone
Ohh, Ohh

You and me, yeah we could be the
Talk of the town
Everywhere you look you’d see,
People would be staring us down
Woah, Woah
Everything’s better
When you’re around

I’ve got no worries, as I step out into the world
I’ve got a love for my life, and this beautiful girl
And for the music, that got me through my teens
And for the strength that I gained from,
the people who were mean to me
Ohh, Ohh


Everything's Better, Woah
Everything's Better, Woah
Everything's Better
when you're around
Track Name: Tables (Rabbit's Foot)
There’s an alleyway and two brick houses
That’s where I stay, always in between
The sky is blue, cuz the sun keeps beating me up
I’m just a cloud rolling through, all out of rain

They say the cut worm forgives the plow
And the early bird gets the worm
When the full moons up, the freaks come out
When everything’s good, that’s when the tables turn

Wandering, squandering my time
I’ve got this chest full of melodies, and words but loves still on my mind
Go ahead ignore the flashing lights
Keep running barefoot on broken glass, see how you sleep tonight


The time has come to let you off the hook
You’ve been my punching bag, my muse, my lucky rabbit’s foot
This road ahead looks the same as the one behind
It’s all just alleyways, broken glass, and love still on my mind
Track Name: This & That
Tossing and turning, I’m up every night
‘til 5 in the morning, Can’t give up this fight
The suns rising up as I’m closing my eyes for the night
Thinking maybe you were right

We should’ve just closed the door on us
We should have took our time but we rushed
When it comes to this, it can lead to that
You fall in love, then you fall flat
Now I’m wiping my tears on your welcome mat

I’m taking a break, I can’t think straight anymore
The thoughts of you haunt me, float right through my bedroom door
I hear your keys jingling, see your red sweater on my floor
But I don’t see you here anymore, I can’t feel you anymore


but if we retrace our steps
We could turn that avalanche around
Go back to that night we risked it all
And slow every little thing down, down, down

Track Name: Tightrope
Standing next to you,
i feel so calm
even though my heart is racing
and the words come out so wrong
i bite my tongue, try to look away
but all the bloods rushing to my face
you've got this look in your eyes
your love's so hard to deny

What I need, is to know
how you feel, before I go
don't leave me hanging on this tight, tightrope
Today I'll try, to wear a smile
even though, all the while
I'll be dying on the in, inside

So have another drink,
this one's on me
I love the way you try to beat me to it
try to pay for everything
you scoot a little closer,
you whisper in my ear
and the room starts to spin
everyone disappears
everything that i want
everything, it's right here


our love's got a learning curve
it's gonna take some work
im sure that we could make it
I wanna show you what you deserve
always by your side
i promise not to fake this
that i'd never fake this
yeah, yeah, yeah